Ecole Polytechnique awarded its Order of the White Rose to its fourth recipient Monday.

Viviane Aubin, 23, is a gifted Polytechnique mechanical engineering graduate.

The award is given out annually to a Canadian female engineering student to commemorate the anniversary of the massacre that took the lives of 14 women.

The $30,000 bursary that comes with the award helps the recipient pursue graduate studies in engineering.

Nathalie Provost who was injured that night in 1989, is the Patron of the White Rose.

“I was very moved, and I didn't expect that,” said Aubin. “She gives me the power to overcome this tragedy. She also gives me the responsibility to show the world he didn't win. We will continue to go to engineering school.”

Dec. 6 will mark the 29th anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique tragedy.