LAC-SIMON , Que. - Quebec's provincial police say that a police officer from a local force was fatally shot in the line of duty Saturday night in Lac-Simon, roughly 500 kilometres northwest of Montreal.

Surete du Quebec spokesperson Benoit Coutu identified the officer as 26-year-old Thierry Leroux, who had been a police officer for six months.

Police say it happened when Leroux and his partner responded to a domestic call at 10:30 p.m.

Leroux was transpored to Val-d'Or hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Another person, who the SQ identified as 22-year-old Joseph Anthony Raymond Papatie, was pronounced dead inside, and police say that they believe that person may have shot himself.

A post on Papatie's Facebook page contains an apology and the words "I killed a police."

Investigators say that officers did not return fire.

Provincial police are conducting an independent investigation into the incident.

Condolences to Leroux's family have poured in from members of the Quebec government and from police across Canada.




-With files from The Canadian Press and Energie Val d'Or