In the Plateau Mont-Royal, parking is as rare a commodity as affordable real estate.

It’s why many homeowners turn their minuscule backyards into parking spots, accessible through the borough's numerous alleyways.

That’s all about to change, though, as the borough is set to adopt a bylaw preventing the creation of new parking spaces in backyards in order to reduce car traffic.

The Plateau administration said it is clearly against more cars in the streets, especially in alleyways. It argues that alleys should be turned into greenspaces where children can play.

Current parking spot owners won't be affected by the new rule, because they'll have an acquired right.

Former Equipe Coderre candidate and Plateau homeowner Suzanne Craig fears the new rule will affect property values.

“The borough is laughing at us,” she said. “All we want is the right to use our property.”

A group of concerned homeowners took their complaints to a council meeting, but the borough said it won't budge.

“Reducing the amount of parking is a way to reduce our collective reliance on cars,” explained city councillor Marianne Giguere.

Borough Mayor Luc Ferrandez suggested opponents gather the 2,000 signatures needed for a local referendum on the issue – which the group said it plans to do.