It's not the kind of makeover you would expect.

The Plateau is giving a new look to some of its garbage cans – adding an exterior ring to hold bottles, cans, and other recyclables with cash-back value. 

The borough says it’s a simple addition that aims to reduce landfill waste and make life easier for those who count on the profits from recycling bottles and cans.

About 30 cans in the area have been fitted with the metal brackets.

Those who go through garbage – sometimes referred to as ‘binners,’ use the refundable objects as a financial boost.

“Sometimes, if you put your hand in there, you can get cuts,” explained Marica Vasquex Tagliero, from Les Valoristes. “This supports [Binners] buying food and etcetera – basic living needs.”

“For very urbanized areas, like downtown Montreal, it’s a solution that works,” said Sidney Ribaux, Executive Director of Equiterre.

But Ribaux says the government should consider making plastic water bottles refundable as well, since they’re often tossed in the trash.

“Water bottles are not going to end up in those little racks around the garbage cans because they have no value for the binners,” he added.