Plateau-Mont-Royal Borough Mayor Luc Ferrandez has resigned from political life due to his environmental beliefs.

The borough mayor confirmed the resignation in a Facebook post on Tuesday evening, saying he felt like an "imposter" because of what he sees as a lack of accomplishment on environmental issues -- a key mission for his party, Projet Montreal.

Ferrandez said that while he believes Projet Montreal has a strong environmental record, “these actions will remain anecdotal if they are not part of a concerted plan to reorient and slow down consumption and development on the territory.”

He said his beliefs were unlikely to get him re-elected, and Mayor Valerie Plante agreed.

"I think Mr. Ferrandez has reached his limitations working within the existing structure or system. I'm very proud of where we're at now and it's just the beginning," said Plante.

"Of course I'm disappointed Mr. Ferrandez is leaving right now, of course I'm disappointed, because I feel like we're putting all the pieces together."

The Plante administration recently introduced a bylaw banning single-use plastics by next spring, and heating oil by 2030.

Ferrandez said that while those efforts have been a step in the right direction, “a real environmental program” would include at least the following measures: a 100% tax on on-street and off-street parking, taxing cars entering the downtown area, reinventing trucking plans within the city, taxing foreign investments, taxing waste, lobbying to prevent the expansion of the airport, limiting the development of the oil activities in the port and taxing meat.

“What I am proposing is nothing short of a war effort,” said Ferrandez about his proposals, adding that he chose not to remain on the team because he was unable to influence the mayor and the executive committee.

Plante accepted Ferrandez's resignation, as she wished him success.

“As mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal, he was a real actor of change,” said Plante in a statement. “Ten years ago, what Luc proposed as a vision was bold, even unthinkable. Today, it must be admitted that this vision has become a reference point. To accomplish so much in such a short time requires enormous political courage, boundless integrity and unwavering convictions. These are values that inspire us and motivate us to go further.”

Ferrandez officially steps down next month, triggering a by-election in the borough, which will take place 120 days later.

He said he may return to politics in ten years time when there is room for a "progressive, autocratic" ruler.