Pierrefonds residents say they're fed up after a nasty bite by a pit bull on a beagle Friday.

Eight-year-old beagle Chelsea is recovering with four staples in her shoulder after the aggressive dog, not wearing a leash, lunged at her on her owner's driveway.

"It started gnawing at her and snarling. I booted it and it didn't budge...and then I was screaming - and screaming frantically," said owner Debbie Smith.

The pit bull's owner paid the $260.56 veterinary bill, the first attack after two close calls in the past year.

Though there are no laws against dangerous breeds of dog in Pierrefonds, police slapped the pit bull's owners with two fines:

  • $214 for the biting attack
  • $75 for allowed their dog on private property without permission

Smith and her husband Ken Collins are hoping for further repercussions.

"I'm not satisfied because this won't prevent occurrence number four, and that I can 't live with," said Collins.

The pit bulls owners had one thing to say to CTV News about the incident: "F*** off."

Collins and Smith said all that separates their neighbours' three pit bulls from their children, and those at the daycare opposite them, is a hedge.

The neighbours hope the borough will get involved. Pierrefonds bylaws stipulate that police may evaluate a dog with violent tendencies, enforce a muzzle, or even have it euthanized.

The SPCA's Alanna Devine, a pit bull owner herself, said the fines won't solve the problem.

"If they want to do what's best for their animal and the public, they put it on a leash," said Devine.

Meanwhile, neighbours are worried that next time it won't be Chelsea, but one of their children.

"If our kids were ever outside and ever got in the way, we're sure the pit bull would do something to our kids, so it's scary. It's very scary," said Collins.