Citizens are mobilizing to demand the resignation of Minister Eric Caire because of the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) government's retreat on the third link tunnel between Levis and Quebec City.

The petition highlights the fact that Caire put his seat on the line on the issue of the link between the two cities.

Jim Légaré launched the petition on Thursday and is asking the minister to keep his word out of respect for the citizens of the La Peltrie riding.

At the time of writing, the petition had collected nearly 1500 signatures.

Questioned Thursday after his government's retreat on its major campaign promise, Caire said he had no intention of resigning. Instead, he wants to meet with his constituents to explain the decision.

The CAQ is now proposing to build a tunnel between Quebec City and Levis that would be dedicated solely to public transit.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on April 21, 2023.