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Person filmed driving on Montreal street with car covered in snow


After a heavy snowfall blanketed Montreal last week, drivers had a lot of work to do shovelling out and cleaning off their cars.

One driver, however, decided not to bother.

In a viral TikTok video captured by Ian Lavallee, a car is seen completely covered by snow driving on a street in Montreal.

The video has gathered nearly 475,000 views, 18,000 likes, and 1,700 comments, with many people incredulous at how anyone would drive with zero visibility out their windshield or windows.

Lavallee told CTV News it happened Friday morning at the corner of Berri and Gounod Sts. in the Villeray neighbourhood.

"I have no words!" Lavallee wrote on the video. TikTok added a warning to the video, saying, "participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt."

Not only is it dangerous to drive without being able to see out any of the windows, it’s also prohibited.

Anyone caught driving in Quebec without properly cleaning off their windshield and windows can face a $100 to $200 fine.

And that goes for the roof too. The Quebec automobile insurance board’s site states that no one may drive a vehicle covered with ice, snow or anything that could fly off, because it can create a hazard for other drivers. Offenders face a $50 to $100 fine. Top Stories

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