Three major music festivals are moving to a different site on Jean-Drapeau Park this summer due to construction work.

Evenko released a statement Wednesday stating that the 2017 Osheaga, Heavy Montreal and IleSoniq festivals are moving to the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit on Île Notre-Dame. They move from their usual spot on Île Ste-Hélène.

The main festival site will be undergoing construction for a new amphitheatre as part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebration.

In past summers, St-Lambert residents have complained about noise coming from the festivals and this new location means the festivals will be even closer.

St-Lambert councillor David Bowles whose district is directly across from the new venue said this was the first he'd heard of the venue change, even though the $70 million design change was announced last year.

The number of concert goers will jump from 45,000 to a capacity of 65,000 fans

When asked how the new site would affect St-Lambert residents, evenko media relations manager Philip Vanden Brande stated in an email, "The evenko teams are currently studying various logistic scenarios in order to continue to present popular events that meet the highest industry standards and that always offer festivalgoers a memorable experience."

Evenko also said it would try to mitigate the level of noise reaching St-Lambert, but offered no specifics.