The deep divisions in opinion on what to do about traffic on Mount Royal were revealed during a public hearing on the topic on Wednesday night.

Around 50 people attended the meeting, including several motorists and cyclists. The bike enthusiasts tended towards supporting the ban on traffic on Camillien-Houde Way during the summer months, while the drivers opposed it.

A preliminary report on this past summer’s pilot project showed a stark reduction in both traffic and accidents on the mountain, but opponents said they felt excluded from the park and didn’t appreciate having to take longer, alternate driving routes.

On Thursday morning, the official opposition at Montreal City Hall presented a brief regarding the project, which included recommendations for its future. Ensemble Montreal interim leader Lionel Perez said it’s evident that Montrealers love Mount Royal with a passion and his party’s vision will make it more accessible and secure for all.

The proposal includes:

  • Lowering the speed limit on the mountain to 30 kilometres per hour
  • Adding photo radar and speed bumps
  • Constructing an elevated bike path
  • Building an intersection at the mountain’s lookout

“To be able to incorporate all these recommendations and changes, we recommend an international design contest to be able to really look at what can be done in an ambitious way,” he said. “As I said earlier, we need a vision that unites Montrealers, not divided Montrealers.”

The brief will be presented to the city’s consultation office on Thursday evening.