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Opposition at Montreal City Hall calls for Dominique Ollivier to resign over past spending


The opposition at Montreal City Hall is calling for the immediate resignation of Executive Committee President Dominique Ollivier following an investigation by the Journal de Montreal showing extravagant spending when she was the president of the city's public consultation office.

Trips around the word, lavish restaurant expenses — including a $350 oyster dinner in Paris — and luxury office furniture were all paid for with taxpayer money, the newspaper reported in an extensive investigation into expense accounts for the Public Consultation Office at the City of Montreal by its former head, Olliver.

Ollivier now holds the number two position at City Hall. She stands by her expenses and said the funds were approved by the city.

"In my work contract, that was a $4,000 a year representation expense, which was voted by unanimity of the municipal council," she said in a CJAD 800 radio interview with Elias Makos. "At that time, in 2014, it was [deemed] possible and justifiable that you could have expenses up to $4,000 a year."

She said in today’s context, she would not have spent so lavishly.

Opposition leader Aref Saleem said she Ollivier discredited herself and needs to be removed from her current role.

"I'm saying [it is not] ethically or morally responsible to give her this position anymore," he said.

Mayor Valerie Plante said she stands by Ollivier, and said she has requested an audit by the city's auditor.

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