Francis Boucher, the wayward son of legendary Quebec biker kingpin Maurice “Mom” Boucher, must remain behind bars after an embarrassing prison gaffe saw him released early.

Justice Thierry Nadon shot down Boucher’s bail bid Thursday on the grounds that his release could endanger the public.

An SQ provincial police investigator told the court that staff at Bordeaux Prison were overwhelmed with tasks on March 23 and simply erred by allowing Boucher out rather than Michel Stephane Boucher, the eponymous Boucher who was scheduled for release.

When Francis Boucher was escorted to the prison door, he appeared to be unaware that he was slated to be released, according to testimony.

Boucher, 40, turned himself in through his lawyer two days later but not before the affair became a minor scandal.

Boucher was serving a 117-day sentence for uttering threats against a peace agent. He could be released on May 26.

He might, however, face further charges of unlawful escape and impersonation.

-With a file from The Canadian Press