Montreal has been chosen as the site of a new United Nations office that will oversee a program focused on developing green, resilient and sustainable cities.

UN-Habitat, the international body's program for human settlements and sustainable urban development, made the announcement today at the UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal.

Stephane Paquet, the president of the organization Montreal International, says the city was chosen due to its expertise in sustainable development and artificial intelligence, as well as its universities and the number of international organizations it hosts.

Neil Khor, chief of staff at UN-Habitat, said Montreal's bilingualism was another factor in choosing it to host the office, which will employ 28 people.

UN-Habitat's mission is to find solutions to issues such as housing shortages, slums, public transport, water and electricity supply, poverty, crime and natural disasters caused by climate change.

Montreal International says the new office will be the sixth UN office located in the city.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on Dec. 12, 2022.