MONTREAL - All Quebecers, except the "historic anglophone minority" must communicate with the state in French, the minister responsible for the French language insisted on Monday. 

Simon Jolin-Barrette was responding to a report that found provincial employees weren't respecting linguistic policies and, in some cases, no such policies were in place. He said Quebec must stand firmly to defend the French language, suggesting that newcomers to the province would have to receive all government communication in French.

The minister criticized the previous Liberal government, who he said allowed linguistic policies to lapse. He cited numbers from the report that found 90 per cent of Quebec state employees want an official language policy to be enforced. 

“The quality of the French language is important to state employees,” he said.

Only anglophone Quebecers can receive certain government services in English, like electricity bills, a CAQ spokesperson told CTV news. New arrivals would be expected to communicate with--and receive communication--from the government in French.

The minister promised new measures in the coming months to ensure the widespread adoption of official language policies.