Members and sympathizers of 30 sovereignist groups convened at a laid-back rally in favour of separatism Sunday afternoon at Emilie Gamelin Park.

The  affair saw many bask in the balmy sunshine while watching bands and speeches, as leaders hoped to promote a dialogue that would open minds to the creation of an independent country of Quebec.

Organizer Maxime Laporte said that the event was meant to put a friendly face on the often fractious issue.

“We want to bring something positive in the public debate and tell Quebecers from all origins, including the anglophone community, that we could realize together as a people something greater than just managing provincial issues,” said Laporte of the Quebec Coalition Of Sovereigntists.

Laporte said that the event was not aimed at whipping up support for one party over another, but former PQ MNA Pierre Curzi, who also participated, did not shy away from a discussion on current affairs.

Curzi said that he’s not convinced that it's time to pull the plug on Pauline Marois.

Curzi, known for his firebrand oratory, expressed the hope that the PQ would not call an election soon.

“I'm not convinced we need elections right now. I'd prefer the PQ continue their job running a minority government,” said Curzi of the New Movement for Quebec.

One of the few English-speakers on hand expressed mixed feelings about the event.

“I think that they have a very open view and a very inclusive view but I find a lot of people around here don't and that it's not inclusive, it's exclusive and we're not going to get anywhere that way,” said onlooker Cindy Pitre.