MONTREAL - Pub crawls are very popular with the college and university crowd, but it's not an exclusive pursuit.

Case in point: The ladies of Fulford residence, who get a police escort when going off to imbibe.

They recently hit the Irish Embassy on Bishop street, pulling up in a paddy wagon and being gently ushered inside by officers Eric Charbonneau and Bruno Delli Colli.

The ladies get together several times a year to get out and enjoy finger food over a drink or two.

Fulford resident Peggy Austen was out for the first time.

"Oh I think this is fun," said Austen. "I've heard about them, but I haven't been lucky enought to have been caught."

The beat cops from Station 20 who escort the ladies are continuing a ten-year-old tradition.

"Officer John Parker started it, with Liliane Fortin another police officer," said Charbonneau.

They do it to get to know their community, and see the public in a friendlier light.

"You know this job has a lot of highs, a lot of lows, and this is definitely a high," said Delli Colli.