MONTREAL -- The re-opening of Montreal's cultural scene has begun, as the Museum of Fine Arts welcomed visitors for the first time in months on Saturday.

Only the museum's Egyptian mummy exhibit was made available to the public but museum director Nathalie Bondil said more is yet to come. The museum plans to host about 90 per cent of the number of visitors it usually gets, with tickets for time slots 15 minutes apart available online.

Patrons are encouraged to wear masks and must follow other public health guidelines while inside.

“When you come to the museum, you have to wash your hands, there is someone who asks you questions,” said Bondil. “Then you can enjoy the exhibit.”

The museum isn't the only cultural spot ready to begin operating anew. A drive-in theatre is planned for a lot on the site of the Royalmount mall project, featuring a 40-foot stage, LED screen and lots of extra attractions.

“We're talking about theme nights, we're talking about costuming, we're talking about visual effects that enhance the experience,” said drive-in event theatre co-founder Lorne Levitt. “Right now, everybody is sitting on their hands for this magic answer to COVID and right now, we don't have that. So the phones have been ringing off the hook.”

The site's organizers said they will be able to accommodate 250 cars and the lot will be rented for different events, such as movies, graduations and live music. The drive-in is slated to open June 21 and will run until October.

Co-founder Adam Bultz said he hopes re-opening next year won't be necessary.

“I'm an events guy, I'm a nightlife guy, nothing would make me happier than for us going back to the traditional way of consuming entertainment,” he said.