Moving day can’t come soon enough for a woman living in Cote-des-Neiges who came home recently to a slithering surprise.

The unwelcome visitor – a python – managed to find its way into Olabisi Titilayo's apartment in the middle of night.

Titilayo first spotted the snake after coming home from work. She said the lights were on, which was strange, and the cupboards were open.

Her jaw dropped when she saw the snake.

“I was looking, shivering...what is this?” she said.

She ran upstairs to find a neighbour, who ran down with a pair of gardening shears. 

Once the snake tried to attack them, they said they had no choice but to kill it. Titilayo and her neighbour managed to shove the snake into a garbage bag. That's when a man they'd never seen before showed up, said the snake was his, and carried it away.

Titilayo is moving out next month. She discovered potential tenants had visited her apartment that night before she got home. She believes one of them left the snake behind. 

“I am still wondering why someone's pet would be in my own kitchen, would be in my own apartment. And I believe the snake has no wings to open the cabinet,” she said.

Veterinarian technician Rose Boutin identified the snake thanks to video captured by the tenant.

“The ones that we see the most are ball pythons, so mostly could be one of that species,” she said, adding that it is (thankfully) non-venomous.

The landlord didn't return calls to CTV Montreal. Titalayo said she’s looking forward to moving out.