MONTREAL -- The doors of the Ecomuseum reopened Friday, delighting many visitors who had been missing the creatures that call it home.

The boardwalks were empty for so long, in fact, it seemed some of the animals were missing the visitors too, after being in a sort of lockdown of their own. 

“[Animals] like the red foxes, the otter, even the eagle…we've seen shifts in their behaviour because there's no one around,” said the Ecomuseum’s executive director, David Rodrigue.

“The otter who really enjoys people became much more nocturnal again. She's a lot less active during the day and very active at night just because there's nobody here to interact with." 

The West Island museum was shut for several months due to public health regulations. 

For some parents, it's not a lack of interaction that hits hard, but the constant interaction -- with small kids with little to do and a need to be entertained.

Many of the families that dropped by the museum on Friday said it's been a long winter. Some parents said it’s a relief to have another activity to do with the kids. 

“It's good to be out and go outside for at least one day of the week," said one visitor.

Like so many businesses, the zoo has struggled to stay afloat and has relied on donations to care for the animals.

"We're happy to be operating again, getting people in again, working on the mission and generating revenue again," said Rodrigue. "Because we do need that to be here, so it's a very good thing."

Masks are required at the museum, even outside. Visitors will also need to make a reservation, because space is limited.

Still, the museum hopes the animals will have plenty of company over the March break.