A Montreal woman whose german shepherd killed a small yorkie in August wants to save her dog from euthanasia.

Ekaterina Khramova was walking her 5-year-old german shephard mix in the alleyway behind her apartment on Aug. 26. Her dog was leashed, she said, when a small dog—weighing less than 10 pounds—ran towards them.

The smaller dog, a yorkie, barked at them, she said.

Mooshka, her german shepherd, picked up the yorkie.

"Immediately I got scared and I pulled my dog as close as I could to me, and I yelled at the guy to pick up his dog. But everything happened really fast and my dog picked up his dog and then the dog ran away,” she said.

The dog died from its injuries that same day.

Now—under a Montreal bylaw--her dog is scheduled to be euthanized before Tuesday, unless Khramova is granted an injunction.

Lawyer Anne-France Goldwater, who specializes in these types of cases, is helping her file an injunction.

"There has been a real failure by the municipal and provincial governments to think about the different kinds of circumstances where there might be a certain risk for public security in which case you have to act and do things and other situations that are plain old accidents,” Goldwater said. 

But, only a few days after the incident, Mooshka attacked another dog. It did not die. 

Still, Khramova, said she has taken her dog to behavioural specialists, who say the problem is fixable. 

"I am ready to do everything to make it better. i don't think she deserves to die for something we can fix in six months.”