Vancouver police have arrested a Montreal woman accused of kidnapping a ten-year-old girl.

Araceli Bravo, 45, was picked up Tuesday morning on a Canada-wide warrant for abduction in violation of a custody order.

"Information was received by Vancouver Police that Araceli Bravo was residing in Vancouver and she was arrested without incident," Vancouver police said in a statement.

"She is currently in custody awaiting the arrival of Montreal investigators who will escort her back to Montreal."


The ten-year-old girl vanished two years ago after her father won legal custody.

The girl was located last month after she called 911 from a train station.

Vancouver police couldn't initially arrest Bravo even though she was apparently not in hiding.

The problem was that the Quebec warrant was not enforceable in British Columbia, prompting Montreal police to extend the warrant nationally.

Fruitless trip

The bureaucratic quagmire was of great stress to the girl's father, who at one point travelled all the way to Vancouver to be reunited with his daughter only to be told that he couldn't have her.

She has been in the custody of youth protection for the past six weeks.

This story has been changed in accordance with a publication ban.