MONTREAL -- The members of the Montreal teacher's alliance voted 87 per cent in favour of an indefinite general strike to be carried out as of May 31.

They ask in particular for salary catch up, a task refocused on teaching and a more respectful composition of the class.

Alliance president Catherine Beauvais-St-Pierre says the health crisis has highlighted the lack of resources and the dire needs of the education network.

She adds that the shortage of teachers cannot be solved without a notable improvement in working conditions.

The union points out that teachers' salaries in Quebec are 22 per cent behind at the start of their careers compared to the Canadian average and 11.2 per cent at the top of the scale.

It adds that the employer's offer will not make it possible to catch up to this end and that it will even help to make teachers lose more purchasing power.

The Montreal Teachers' Alliance represents some 9,000 teachers, particularly in elementary, secondary and adult education. It is one of the nine unions affiliated to the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE).

-- this report by The Canadian Press was first published March 12, 2021.