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Montreal Sexual Assault Centre launches new chat line


The Montreal Sexual Assault Centre is now offering a chat line in addition to its phone line.

Victims of sexual assault will be able to receive support from a counsellor in an online chat.

"We knew that we weren't receiving significant numbers of calls from people who were under the age of 25," said Deby Trent of the Montreal Sexual Assault Centre.

"There are many more people who are sexually assaulted who are under the age of 18. It just seemed like we needed to come up with a creative idea to be able to help people access the service and access the help they could potentially receive. So we wanted to have a new means of contacting us whether that be by chat or by the listening line."

The chat line is available seven days a week from noon to midnight at People can also call 1-888-933-9007. Top Stories


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