Members of Montreal's Hasidic community say there has been a rise in hateful incidents since Bill 21 was tabled and passed in the National Assembly.

Last week people were shocked to learn of a construction worker who sprayed tar on children.

The children said the attack was unprovoked but one worker who was questioned on the scene said he had asked them to move and when they didn't they were sprayed by mistake.

At first it was ruled an accident but police later agreed to investigate.

Now members of the Hasidic community are coming forward with videos of other incidents they say are hate-related.

One video shows a hooded man getting out of a truck that slows down it approaches a group of Hasidic men.

As the men pass he steals one of their hats and flees in the vehicle.

Sam Muller said hate incidents against his community appear to be increasing lately, and the instigators do not appear to be people who live near Hasidic Jews.

"It's absolutely sure that the steps the provincial government and the provincial elected officials have taken with introducing Bill 21, similar bills surely don't help," said Muller.

"They surely don't give the right message to racists, or antisemitic, or hateful people that Quebec is not the place for racism."

Another security video also shows a group of Hassidic men outside a synagogue. The person who shared the video said the men were subjected to anti-semitic slurs and had eggs thrown at them, although that is not visible.

With a file from Caroline Van Vlaardingen