Montreal drivers have a lot of words to describe the city's roads in summer, when the orange pylons pop up: an obstacle course, maybe. A maze. A mess.

The city's auditor general agrees, and wrote in a new report Tuesday that the entire construction system needs to be much better organized.

"The role and responsibilities of everyone involved in the process aren't clearly defined," said Auditor General Michele Galipeau.

Roadwork is often done without taking its full impact into account, she found, and it also isn't carried out within an appropriate amount of time.

The plans should be more centralized, she also said, with more communication between the city and the boroughs.

"The problem is the lack of coordination between city and boroughs," agreed former traffic reporter Rick Leckner, "because boroughs give too many contracts for road and buildng... especially during rush hour."

The city said in a response that roadwork can't be put off.

To learn more, watch the full report in the video above.