Following years of complaints over snow clearing and removal, the city of Montreal is giving more power back to boroughs.

This comes after a particularly difficult winter in terms of clearing snow and ice, in which once again one borough was criticized by the central city for launching snow removal operations without permission.

After meeting with borough mayors and public works directors from each borough Jean-Francois Parenteau, who is responsible for the city's snow clearing, will present four changes to the way snow is picked up and removed at a city council meeting on Monday May 13.

The biggest change is that boroughs will no longer need the approval of the central city administration to begin removing snow up to a maximum of two times per season.

The city is adding $2.3 million to its budget to accommodate this.

Boroughs will also be allowed to begin plowing once 2.5 cm of snow is on the ground. The current minimum is 5 cm for secondary streets, and 2.5 cm for major arteries.

When the city declares a city-wide snow removal operation, each borough will have 24 hours to begin, which will allow certain boroughs more time to do a better job plowing streets before starting the full-scale removal.

The city will also establish a permanent committee to discuss snow removal and climate change.

If the proposals are approved they could be approved in June.