Provincial police say there were two pit bull attacks Thursday in Ste. Adele -- a city that has banned this type of dog.

The Sureté du Quebec said the first attack happened when a man walking down the street was mauled by a dog that was running loose.

He was bitten in multiple locations, including his arms, legs, and groin, before he managed to escape.

He called 9-1-1 and asked a passerby to go into his home and get his medicare card.

But when that person opened his front door, the man's own dog -- also a pit bull -- ran off.

"It ran away to the yard of a neighbour, and at that time a woman was in her yard, and the pit bull attacked her. She was thrown down. She was not hurt," said SQ officer Marc Tessier.

The woman had a third dog, a schnauzer, that went to her defence, and the woman's husband fought off the second pit bull with a baseball bat.

The schnauzer was reportedly badly hurt in the incident.

Police later seized both pit bulls and they are in the custody of animal control.

Last week police seized a pit bull in Ste. Adele that attacked a woman who arrived at the owner's home to pick up her child.