The Surete du Quebec and Sainte-Adele city officials have a warrant to retrieve a pit bull after a woman was attacked Tuesday afternoon.

A woman in Sainte-Adele was attacked and bitten by a pit bull on Tuesday afternoon at around 4:30pm.

According to the Sureté du Quebec, the young mother was retrieving her son when she walked into the yard where the dog was tied up, and it ran her down and attacked her.

The woman was bitten in the legs and had to be rushed to hospital.

Her injuries were deemed to be non-life threatening.

The dog was confined to the property until further notice.

Pit bulls have been banned in that municipality since 2012, though the Sainte-Adele Mayor Robert Milot admits it is a difficult bylaw to enforce. He is in favour of a province-wide ban.

“We don’t have all the power to be able to investigate in all the situations, whereas if it’s a provincial law, then it just bans it from everybody,” he said.

This attack comes on the same day that pit bulls were banned in Brossard.