MONTREAL -- Montreal police have handed out nearly 400 more tickets over the past week for offences related to COVID-19.

Last week, the total amount of tickets issued by the SPVM to people disrespecting government physical distancing guidelines stood at 1,448. On Monday, it stood at 1,841, which is an increase of 393. 

These numbers include both tickets totalling $1,546 and general infringement reports, which require analysis from prosecutors. If deemed legitimate, the offence is then passed on to a judge, who will decide if a fine will be issued and for what amount. 

Despite tickets being distributed by the hundreds, the SPVM said when you compare the past week to the one before it, there’s been a decrease that may indicate the measures are working. 

“It’s starting to be integrated in people’s behaviour, to respect the social distancing,” said SPVM inspector André Durocher. 

Fines for COVID-19-related offences range between $1,000 and $6,000. SPVM officers have been driving around in vans and on bikes to remind people of this, as Montrealers take to bike paths and pedestrian-friendly areas to enjoy the spring weather on evenings and weekends. 

“It’s being received rather well,” Durocher said. “I spoke to some officers who were (out) this weekend and they’re saying generally speaking, people are getting the message and they’re respecting the guidelines.”

Durocher reiterated that it’s fine for people to enjoy the weather as long as they’re respecting the two-metre rule. 

Quebec’s provincial police have also been handing out tickets. On Monday, the Sûreté du Québec tweeted that 1,514 tickets have been handed out so far, representing an increase of 358 from the week before.