Wilde Horses

- Pacioretty is completely a different player after figuring it all out in the Bruins series. This is a massive win for the Habs who will rely on this player for a long time. He was strong again. Hungry. Winning puck battles. Getting shots and a goal by being around the blue paint working and moving his feet.

- Desharnais is indeed a number one centre and that is the biggest surprise of the playoffs for me. Did not think a small player could contribute so much in playoff hockey but Desharnais was winning chance after chance.

- The final piece of a puzzle for a line that will be great for years to come Gallagher is at his best in the playoffs it seems. A buzz saw and an annoying one at that. Three players that will be with the Habs a long time. A great foundation up front for success.

- Lars Eller is the biggest revelation in the lineup these playoffs. Eller has been the Habs best forward. What works from a line up point of view for Bergevin is he is a different type of player than his number one centre. This opens up the possibilities to line match and find success no matter what the style of opponent.

Wilde Goats

- Thomas Vanek better be injured because I don't think I have ever seen  a pure goal scorer pass up so many shots. He has chances that are clear cut and passes it off. Bizarre. Apparently he was holding his left arm on the bench in the third period. Has to be something really. Shooter has to shoot. Not being totally engaged is one thing but not shooting with a clear chance is a different level of odd and ineffective.

Wilde Cards

- You can't really fault Tokarski for the goals. A deflection is surely not his fault when Gorges hit the puck with his hip. Nash fired a one timer. St. Louis fired from a perfect location. It isn't the goals that leave me wondering. Just that he has to be so perfect with that size. Little is just going to hit him. Scouts say it all the time as they just don't draft small goalies anymore. The Habs passed on Tokarski for a project goalie out of Peterborough in the 5th round the year Dustin was taken. It is just a much easier road for Price combining size with an unbelievable natural athleticism.

- Final thought is the Habs played a strong game. They fought to the end. Lundqvist made a lot of amazing saves. Hockey is sometimes about goalies and not a lot else on some nights. I felt Montreal was the better team. I have not been that impressed by the Rangers. The Bruins would have smoked this Rangers team and when the Rangers finish what could be a sweep, I expect New York will lose in five to whomever they play from the west, unless Henrik is King. For now, let's not get too ahead of ourselves. If Montreal continues to play as well as they are, perhaps the game of goalie can get to even ground and the game of hockey they won in game two will make a bit of difference. For now, Henrik wins. Oh and Chris Kreider too.