Quebec's Liquor Authority (RACJ) says the minimum price of beer in Quebec will go up as of April 1st.

The increases range from 2 to 2.3 percent, depending on the alcohol content of the products.

For example, the minimum prices for beer sold at a grocery store will be $3.0372 per litre for beer with less than 4.1 percent alcohol by volume; it will be $3.4395 per litre for beer with more than 6.2 percent alcohol.

That's about $6 for a six pack of light beer, and a minimum of roughly $6.90 for something worthwhile.

This is the highest increase in seven years.

DepQuebec, which represents depanneur owners across the province, said that almost all vendors sell beer for much more than the legal minimum price.

Only Costco and discount stores like Depanneur Rapido will be forced to raise their prices as of April 1.

DepQuebec says that Quebec remains a paradise for cheap beer in Canada, especially compared to Ontario.