Eric Salvail is stepping down as the head of his TV production company in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations.

The media star was suspended from his TV and radio shows on Wednesday following the allegations of sexual harassment and lewd activity in the workplace dating back to 2000.

On Thursday, Salvail wrote that reading the multiple articles about his behaviour came as a shocking wake-up call.

"The reckoning is brutal: for many years, in many situations and with many people -- well beyond those who have come out publicly -- my actions have caused harm," wrote Salvail.

"I am exuberant, intense, sometimes raw, my generally consensual humour often relies on discomfort etc. These are not valid excuses."

Salvail said he is the only one responsible for his actions, and he apologized for hurting others.

"I admit without hesitation that I made mistakes."

He wrote that he does not know if he will ever work in show business again.

To that end, he said the employees of his production company, Salvail & Co., should not be penalized, and pointed out that he is not involved in their day-to-day operations.

He has stepped down from all active roles with the company and delegated all management roles.

Meanwhile, he said he will work to reform his behaviour.

"Like an alcoholic needs help learning how not to drink abusively and to understand the consequences, that is what I need to do with regards to my own activity with specialists in this behaviour."

"My life was always my career. My career was always my life. It is no longer the case. I am not the victim. I am the cause," he said.