Maxime Bernier lost his seat in the Beauce on Monday. 

As of 11 p.m. just over 9,000 votes had been tallied in favour of Bernier. His competitor, Richard Lehoux, a star conservative candidate who used to be a mayor in the region, had almost 13,000. 

The results allowed analysts to predict Lehoux would take the riding.

Bernier had represented the riding, like his father before him, for numerous elections. He split from the Conservative Party of Canada to form the People's Party of Canada, but didn't manage to elect any candidates on Monday.

"I accept [the results] with humility and I congratulate the new MP from the Beauce, Mr. Lehoux," Bernier said in a speech on Monday. "What [the People's Party of Canada] managed to accomplish in only one year is spectacular."

Bernier insisted his party was only getting started. 

"We are the party that is growing the fastest in Canada, and we will continue to build in the coming years," he said. 

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