A well-known Montreal man has died following repeated bouts of leukemia.

Matthew Schreindorfer developed a rare form of blood cancer in 2014 called acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

He managed to raise $800,000 to pay for an experimental treatment in the United States, but the cancer returned in December 2015.

Schreindorfer was being treated in the United States until July 2016, when the Maisonneuve Rosemont Hospital opened a new cancer treatment centre that focused on immunotherapy, including CAR-T cell therapy.

He was also hoping to see treatment at a research centre in Seattle, holding two fundraising events in January and earlier in February.

His wife, Katia, confirmed Schreindorfer's death Monday morning with a post on Facebook.

"I was the luckiest person in the world to have shared a life with him and be loved by him for 11 and a half years. We had the purest and strongest love, one that will live on forever. He has changed my life and I hope to continue to make him proud every single day," she wrote.

She added that money which had been donated would be distributed to other causes.

"Matt and I had many discussions about where the money would go, should something happen. Please rest assured that all of the money will be divided between research and comfort for patients in hospital rooms. I will not rush in donating this money as I want to make sure to do it properly, as Matt would have wanted."

No funeral arrangements have yet been made.