A police expert at a coroner’s inquest pointed out some mistakes made by the officers involved in the shooting of a homeless man last year.

The coroner is trying to determine why Alain Magloire, a father of two who suffered from serious mental health issues, was shot four times by police. The incident began when Magloire got in an argument at a youth hostel on St-Hubert St. near Berri St. and used a hammer to smash the window at the reception desk. Police officers who testified earlier this week said they felt their lives were in danger when Magloire refused to drop his hammer.

Police technology teacher Bruno Poulain testified Thursday morning that he has some criticisms on how the police handled the situation, though overall he said the police did the right thing.

One of the main mistakes, Poulain said, was not making a request for a Taser when the officers called for backup help.

The expert also stated that the officers should have talked to Magloire more, to deflate the situation.

There were also some questions at the inquiry about choosing to shoot the arms or legs instead of aiming at the chest. Poulain explained that it’s not as easy as it sounds, as it’s very difficult to shoot someone in their limbs when they are moving. So, police students are trained to shoot in the torso.

Today was the last day of the inquest until it continues in March when the coroner will examine the issues of Magloire’s mental health problems and the lack of resources he was facing.