The latest polls have shown a steady increase in support for the Liberal party of Quebec, at the cost of declining support from the Coalition Avenir Quebec.

Meanwhile support for Quebec Solidaire has also increased, while support for the Parti Quebecois has remained flat.

A CROP-La Presse poll published on Tuesday March 18, 2014 indicates about 39 percent of Quebecers would vote for the Liberal party if a vote were held today.

That is a three percentage point increase since CROP's last poll on March 8, while the February poll had the Liberals at 34 percent.

CROP had the PQ at 40 percent support before the election was called, dropping to 36 percent on March 8.

A Leger poll issued over the weekend had the Liberals and PQ at 33 percent support each, before taking the undecided voters into account.

Minor parties having an impact

The CAQ has been steadily losing support since the election was called, going from 16 percent support to its current level of 13 percent.

Meanwhile Quebec Solidaire has been gaining ground, going from 7 percent in February to its current level of 10 percent.

CROP analyst Youri Rivest told La Presse the billions of dollars worth of economic announcements the PQ made before the election call temporarily boosted support for the government -- but that since the election was called, fear of sovereignty and another referendum has convinced voters to shift their allegiances.

He said CAQ supporters opposed to a referendum are leaving for the Liberals, while former pequistes, upset with the Charter of Values and environmentally harmful strategies are choosing QS instead.

In this most recent CROP poll the firm surveyed 1,400 people online from March 12 to 16, taking a higher proportion than normal from the Quebec City region and of Montreal suburbia.

16 percent of those polled were undecided.

CROP polls take the number of undecided voters and proportionally adds them to the decided voters before publishing its figures.