CAQ leader Francois Legault had to answer questions Sunday about how he stumbled over a basic question about Canada’s immigration process the day before.

When asked on Saturday how long it takes for a new immigrant to become a Canadian citizen, Legault’s response was three months.

It actually takes a minimum of three years.

Leaders reacted harshly on Sunday to Legault’s misinformed answer.

Liberal leader Philippe Couillard said he could not fathom that lack of understanding about a basic process that has become one of the key issues of the election campaign. 

"Clearly Mr. Legault doesn't even know the fundamentals of the immigration system. If you watch the video, it's unbelievable," said Couillard.

"Legault wants to have a test for expulsion but fails the test of understanding, of knowledge."

PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisée said that Legault had lost credibility because of the situation.

"It's clear that Francois Legault is not ready to be premier. Francois Legault does not understand his main dossier," said Lisée.

Quebec's immigration targets are currently around 52,000 people per year. Legault has said he would like that number to to be about 40,000.

He has also said repeatedly that under a CAQ government, newcomers would have to take a values test and would be removed from the province if they didn’t pass it -- although Quebec does not have the power to remove citizens from the province.