MONTREAL - Domenic Fazioli has saved his father by giving his kidney away to a complete stranger.

The Montreal journalist had long sought to donate his kidney to his ailing father, but the two were not compatible.

But a kidney registry found a way to make the elder Fazioli healthy and help others at the same time.

The Living Donor Paired Exchanged Kidney Registry organized for Fazioli to give his kidney to a patient in Ottawa, in part of a three-way swap.

Cosmo Fazioi, 73, is now off of dialysis after four years and is recovering from his operation.

“I'm feeling very well, just a little weak you know,” said Cosmo Fazioli.

Dr. Gabriel Chan said that the program has been a boon to, “patients who have a living donor but are incompatible and also for patients who are difficult to match.”

Chan performed the Maisonneuve Rosemont Hospital’s first transplant based on the program.

“I'm really trying hard not to sweat the small stuff, said donor Domenic Fazioli. “I's really life changing.

“My dad has done everything for us. I don't think I've told my dad enough that I love him but I hope this helps send him a message.”

The program, launched here in 2010, has led to 11 surgeries in the province.

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