The leader of the Parti Quebecois began warming up his campaign muscles on Wednesday, one week before the election campaign will officially begin in Quebec.

Jean-Francois Lisée held a news conference in eastern Montreal and said the area had been neglected by the Liberal party.

However most of the questions he faced were not about his policy promise, but about his party's challenge in winning the hearts and minds of Quebecers.

According to the tracker Lisée and the PQ will have a difficult struggle ahead of them on the way to the Oct. 1 provincial election.

The polling aggregator indicates that just 19 percent of Quebecers support the PQ, compared to 31 percent support for the Liberal party, and 35 percent for the Coalition Avenir Quebec.

Lisée said that he was not worried about the polls, and that if anything, they made him feel hopeful given his success as coming from behind in the past.

"I feel like an underdog and I like it because that's where I was at the beginning of the leadership race in 2016 and here I am. René Levesque was an underdog in the '76 election. We were underdogs coming into the referendum debate and we came very close to 50 percent and this time around 49.4 percent would be sufficient for me," said Lisée.

Meanwhile those polls show that Lisée is facing a challenge for his own riding of Rosemont.

The projection shows Lisée has about the same amount of support as Quebec Solidaire candidate and former journalist Vincent Marissal, and the CAQ's Sonya Cormier, the director of the Movement to end homelessness in Montreal (MMFIM).

All three have from 24.2 to 24.6 percent support, while Liberal candidate Agata La Rosa, a school commissioner with the Pointe de L'Ile school board, has 21.3 percent support.