Nearly six weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine, the solidarity movement in Montreal isn't losing any steam.

Hundreds were in Old Montreal marching through the streets on Saturday to protest the war.

“They’re still at war and the bombardment is continuing," said demonstrator Michael Shwec. "Civilians continue to be slaughtered in the streets so it’s important to keep the awareness of what’s happening.”

Supporters of Ukraine carried flags and signs calling for an end to the bombing, and many are calling for Canada to do more.

“The Canadian government is one of the NATO member countries so it is for Canada to push for maximum supply of defensive lethal weapons to Ukraine, (and) total isolation of Russia," said honourary councillor of Ukraine Eugene Czolijd.

Outside of the iconic Notre-Dame Basilica, protesters knelt in prayer for the victims of war.

“It’s been very difficult," said Vlada Polishchuk. "Actually, my father, he was one of the first people who heard the bombs because he lived right next to the Kyiv airport so it was right next him and I felt really hopeless. That’s when I thought we wouldn’t make it.”

More than 4 million people have been forced to flee Ukraine since the Russian invasion, mostly women and children.

“All the men 18 to 60, first of all, they stay in the country to fight," said Shwec. "The 4 million people who have crossed the border out of Ukraine are just mothers and their children, so it’s extremely difficult however the Ukrainian women who are doing that are extremely resilient”