MONTREAL -- Montreal public health is asking landlords to keep their properties as clean as possible and limit who enters their building so as to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“In those spaces, there are many common spaces, shared spaces like elevators, staircases or halls,” said Montreal public health director Mylene Drouin. “We're going to ask the owners of those buildings to reinforce hygiene measures and secure access so there's no more visitors.”

Walter Assi, president of renovation firm Renovco said he's taken many inquires about cleaning services.

“If you take yesterday for exampe, we had over 50 calls in just one day,” he said.

Assi said properly disinfecting a home is no small task.

“You have to be strategic when you clean,” he said. “A virus like COVID, you have to destroy the virus or the protective shield around the virus. A lot of scrubbing, besides defogging, hepa-vacuuming, making sure all the surfaces are clean.”

Hans Brouillette of the Quebec Landlords' Corporation said some landlords are looking to more technology to eliminate all physical contact with tenants.

“We have members who are using more electronic payments than ever,” he said. “They are doing virtual visits of the apartment.”

Christos Karatzios, an infectious diseases specialist at the Montreal Children's Hospital, advised apartment dwellers to be careful what they touch.

“You're going to go upstairs, you're going to open the door to get inside the laundry room or to get your mail. Spray your hands with some alcohol then touch the doorknob then spray your hands again,” he said.

He also advised Montrealers in apartment to limit visits to shared spaces in their buildings.

“Do your laundry once a week, you don't have to do it every day,” he said. “I would recommend going to see your mailbox once a week.”