MONTREAL -- March break might mean no more teachers, no more books, but there's still plenty of exhausted parents looking for a way to keep the kids entertained with options limited by the pandemic.

With many activities off the table, parents have already been forced to get creative.

Marlene Stranzl constructed a snow maze that has become a big hit for kids in her neighbourhood.

“It took me over 12 hours of constant shovelling and maintaining with a manual scoop. I was the manual Zamboni,” she said.

Not everyone has that kind of energy and ingenuity. Luckily, there are still some options.

Hotel swimming pools remain closed, but public pools, indoor ice rinks and movie theatres have all re-opened, albeit with strict public health protocols in place. At outdoor rinks and parks, groups of eight people are allowed, but social distancing is required. Police are out in force to keep an eye out for rule-breakers.

Quebec's museums re-opened earlier this month. The Biodome has also re-opened its doors, thought tickets for the week have already sold out. The Eco-Museum still has some tickets available.

“There's a lot of stuff to discover in this unusual break,” said Events Association of Quebec director of attraction Francois Chevrier. “We invite families to re-discover their own region and become tourists in their own city.”