A group that supports mental health among young people wants Quebec’s political leaders to start a provincial commission on overmedication.

Mouvement Jeunes et santé mentale feels that young people with mental health challenges aren’t being controlled in the types and amounts of medication they’re taking.

On Sunday morning, youth mental health advocates voiced their concerns.

“We hope that the youth will be at the table for this commission so they will bring their experience about the matter,” said Anne-Marie Boucher of Mouvement Jeunes et santé mentale.

She said that a major factor is the rise in the number of prescriptions for anti-psychotic medication.

“We don’t want more pills, we don’t want more medicine for the kids,” she said. “We think we have enough of this.”

Leslie Woodlock knows firsthand about the destructive force of medication.

He started taking medication to treat Tourette’s and other disorders.

That led him to try other drugs.

“I was addicted to cocaine, speed, and a lot of marijuana,” he said.

Each party promised to do more for young people suffering from mental health problems.

Jean-Francois Lisee reiterated an earlier commitment of $60 million more per year towards mental health, while Quebec Solidaire candidate Vanessa Roy said they’d hire more staff like psychologists and social workers.