Gilles Duceppe was officially reinstated as leader of the Bloc Quebecois Wednesday.

About 300 party delegates in Nicolet approved Duceppe's return, which in turn sidelined the party’s former leader Mario Beaulieu.

The move comes just a year after the party elected its last leader and four years after Duceppe last helmed the party, when it was all but eliminated from the Canadian political map.

Now Duceppe is saying Quebecers need the Bloc, because no other party will properly defend Quebec’s interests in the House of Commons.

Duceppe said he wants sovereignists off all stripes to back the Bloc so they can build momentum toward a referendum.

He says he may run in the Montreal riding of Laurier–Ste. Marie where he was the MP for more than 20 years before being defeated as part of his plan for a comeback for himself and the Bloc.