Quebec’s Agricultural ministry (MAPAQ) and Montreal’s food inspection officials have expanded a recall of products using frozen raspberries that may be contaminated by Norovirus.

Officials say one particular shipment of raspberries from China is to blame and was used in various products.

The products subject to the alert were likely prepared with a batch of raw, frozen raspberries recalled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Several people have reported illness after consuming frozen fruit products.

Among the recalled products are yogurt, ice cream, cakes and pies.

People who have any of these products in their possession should avoid consuming them, return them to the store where they were purchased, or discard them.

Even if the products do not show signs of tampering or give off a suspicious odor, they are likely still contaminated by Norovirus, according to a statement by Agricultural Ministry officials.

People exposed to Norovirus usually show symptoms within 24 to 48 hours after consumption—including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fatigue, or chills and headache.

While there isn’t a vaccine or antiviral to prevent the spread of Norovirus, most healthy people recover on their own within one to two days.

The recall affects frozen fruit products sold from the following retailers before June 23.

For more information on Novovirus, including prevention and treatment tips, visit the Public Health Agency of Canada's website.

The two new items added to the list are raspberry sorbet from Péché Glacé Inc. on Mont-Royal Ave. in Montreal and cake from Les Gourmandises du Roi in Sorel-Tracey.

Here is the full list:

In Montreal

  • Péché Glacé Inc. (1843 Mont-Royal Ave. Est, Montréal)
  • Gourmet Bazar (9051 rue Charles-de-la-Tour, Montreal)
  • Boulangerie Et Pâtisserie Lasalle R.D.P. Inc.(8591 Boul. Maurice-Duplessis Montréal)
  • Glaces et Sorbets Kem Coba inc. (60, Av. Fairmont Ouest, Montréal)
  • Pâtisserie Les P'tits Plaisirs Inc.(6365, Saint-Hubert, Montréal)
  • Les gourmandises de Marie-Antoinette (4317, Rue Ontario Est, Montréal)
  • Les Délices Lafrenaie Inc.(8405, rue Lafrenaie, Montréal)
  • Crémerie Gélato Cielo(10414, Boul. Gouin O., Montréal)
  • C'Chô-Colat Inc.(1255, rue Bishop, Montréal)

Elsewhere in Quebec:

  • Les Gourmandises du Roi (88 du Roy St, Sorel-Tracy)
  • Jam-Bec inc. (380, boulevard de l'Industrie, Joliette)
  • O'Viande (35, rue Lise, Déléage)
  • Pères Nature St-Georges Inc. (10735, 1ère avenue, Saint-Georges-de-Beauce)
  • Pâtisserie Ladouche inc.(1611, boulevard Talbot, Saguenay (Chicoutimi))
  • Boulangerie St-Michel (681, rue Brassard, Saint-Michel-des-Saints)              
  • Maître Glacier Granby inc. (667, rue Dufferin, Granby)
  • Lili's (4764, route 132, Sainte-Catherine)  
  • Gâteries d'Oli (7061, boulevard des Forges, Trois-Rivières)
  • Magasin Général de Rémigny Inc. (772 rue Principale, Rémigny)      
  • Éclat de Saveurs Inc.(1436 Boul. Curé-Labelle, Blainville)  
  • Marché Serge Perrier(1332, Route 321 Nord, Saint-André-Avellin)
  • Dépanneur Près du Pont Inc.(163, Route St-Philippe, Val D'Or)
  • Les Gourmandises de Justin inc.(778, rue Commerciale, Lévis)
  • Manzana Traiteur Inc.(1810, route des Rivières, Lévis)
  • Dépanneur Lacelle Inc. (797, Boul. A.-Paquette, Mont-Laurier)
  • Épicerie C.L. Ducharme(3621, chemin Val Limoges, Mont-Laurier)