Two weeks after allegations of sexual assault against Hollywood mogul sparked the viral #metoo and #moiaussi hashtags, Quebec’s Sexual Assault Assistance Centres are reporting a massive increase in reported incidents.

"It’s been very difficult. There has been a noticeable increase in demands for direct support and prevention workshops," said Marlihan Lopez, spokesperson for Quebec Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres. "This urgency isn’t new. We’ve been struggling with high demands for our services for the last 10 years. According to data released by the centres, between Oct. 16 and 26, the number of requests for assistance from victims tripled."

She added that workers have had to get creative due to the demand, with some having to take on extra duties.

"Funding is needed because certain women face additional barriers when accessing services and the lack of funding hampers our ability to ensure accessibility for disabled women and interpreting services for women who don't speak French or English. These limitations were present before #metoo," she said.

Lopez said the centres have still not received the emergency financial assistance promised to them by Quebec Minister for the Status of Women Helene David. Tremblay added that she did believe the centres will receive the funding shortly.


- With files from The Canadian Press