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Family of slain 6-year-old suing Quebec youth protection, health board


The family of a slain six-year-old girl has filed a lawsuit against Quebec youth protection and the Montreal south-central health and social services centre (CIUSSS).

The girl was killed by her mother in 2020, and the family said repeated calls for the child to be removed were ignored.

"She was forgotten, ignored by youth protection," said Maelie's half-sister Mari-Lou Filiatrault. "The very people we turn to when we fear for the safety of our children."

The lawsuit alleges four reports of negligence, including excessive alcohol and drug use, were made to youth projection but Filiatrault said they were ignored.

"I tried to help my half-sister," said Filiatrault. "I did everything I could to keep her safe and to try and save her. I wanted to get her out of there."

In July 2020, several 911 calls were made around 3 a.m., reporting yelling inside a home in the Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough.

When police arrived, they found a six-year-old girl inside with several stab wounds.

She later died in the hospital.

Her mother pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and is now serving a 10-year sentence.

The lawsuit is seeking $3 million in damages and hopes to fix what the family calls a broken system.

"It's for the system to wake up," said family lawyer Valerie Assouline.

"Had we listened to the sister, had we listened to the four calls, not one, not two, four, the family is convinced that Maelie would be alive today."

CTV News reached out to both the minister responsible for youth protection and the regional health board, but neither would comment on the situation as it's before the courts. Top Stories

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