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Exercise caution on Quebec roads as large animals are back out early: Quebec Transport Ministry

Moose stops traffic on Quebec highway

Deer, moose, caribou and even bears -- large wildlife is back on the road a little early this year, prompting a warning from Quebec's Transport Ministry.

A news release issued Friday warned drivers to remain vigilant while travelling. Large animals have been spotted along roadsides.

The ministry said they have already put in place security measures such as signage, anti-deer fences and wildlife crossings at locations throughout the province.

"Despite these preventive measures, the risk of collision remains high," the ministry warned, saying the riskiest time of day is at dusk and dawn.

Slow down immediately if you suspect a large animal is on the roadside. Because they can be nervous and unpredictable, deer can jump onto the road very quickly.

Drivers should alert others to the presence of a large animal on the road by applying the brakes repeatedly – and never make a sudden manoeuvre to avoid a deer at the last moment, because it could result in a more serious crash.

"In most cases, when a collision seems imminent, it's best to slow down and brake gradually," the ministry warned.

Quebec saw an average of nearly 7,000 road collisions annually involving large animals between 2020 and 2022.

Accidents involving white-tailed deer represent the vast majority, followed by moose, caribou and black bears.

Users can report any dangerous or unusual situation by calling 511. Top Stories


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