Recent prison escapee and Hells Angel, René Charlebois has been found dead, following an encounter with provincial police late Wednesday night.

The province's police force arrived at a small chalet off the shore of l'Ile aux Fantomes equipped with an arrest warrant when they discovered his body.

Many questions remain surrounding the ordeal.

Suicide is suspected, though one witness claims to have heard shots fired around 1 am.

Such evidence could be a false lead though, as the area is said to be regularly frequented by poachers, which could have been the source of the gunfire.

Regardless, the investigation has been transferred from the Surete du Quebec over to the Montreal police force, who is currently investigating.

The 48-year-old was announced missing from a minimum-security prison in Laval on the night of Sept. 14, where he was detained and serving a sentence for second-degree murder.

The timing of Charlebois’ escape comes only three years before he was slated for parole.

The area he escaped to -- Sainte-Anne du Sorel-- is where the Hell's Angels established their first bunker clubhouse in the late '70s.