Steven Guilbeault is leaving Equiterre, the environmental organization he co-founded 25 years ago with Sidney Ribaux and four other friends and activists.

He had left Equiterre previously -- to join Greenpeace, where he worked for ten years -- but has been the group's director and spokesperson since 2007.

Guilbeault is going to continue working to raise awareness of climate change and will work on a book about the role of artificial intelligence and the environment, while maintaining his position as a consultant with Cycle Capital Management and Copticom, a public relations firm.

Guilbeault said that investment funding is crucial in the fight to limit climate change, which is why he works with Cycle Capital.

He also said the rumours that he is planning to jump into politics are wrong.

"I'm not going into politics, at least not in the short term. I've always said I might do politics one day, but it's not today and I will not be a candidate. I know my name has been circulating about me being a candidate in a by-election in Outremont. That will not be the case," said Guilbeault.

Ribaux, Equiterre's Executive Director, will take on the role of official spokesperson, as well as meeting with government officials.

Equiterre has more than 22,000 members, and has offices in Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa.